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All products sold in this website are sold for research purposes ONLY. We do not tolerate consumption, resell nor any other illegal use of Research Chemicals. All sales of Research Chemicals are subject to the Service Agreement and Terms of Use available on this website.




Research Chemicals Canada


4-AcO-MET - (11/25/2015)

Hello Everyone,
We know some of you were waiting on 4-AcO-MET to come back in stock. It's done, we do have some more! Still, it's in limited quantity for the moment.

Have a great day.
Team BCL Supply


Bitcoin Payment - (11/19/2015)

Dear Customers,
If you made a bitcoin payment and your order doesn't change to "Payment Accepted", please send an email to In your email, please include the following information

  • Your order reference number
  • The exact amount of Bitcoin sent
  • The Blockchain address of the transaction (optional)

Thank you for your understanding.
Team BCL Supply


Credit Card Payment - (10/26/2015)

Dear Customers,
We are happy to inform you that credit card payment is now available for everyone. Please see below conditions to use this payment method:

  • All orders have to be shipped via a tracked shipping method (express Canada, express US & international registered shipping).
  • All Canadians customers have to be verified.

In order to use credit card payment, please contact us for the procedure.

Best regards,
Team BCL Supply


Restricted Territories - (09/29/2015)

There are some territories we have decided to stop shipping orders due to different factors. Below, you can see these Countries/States:

  • Russia
  • United-Kingdom
  • Florida

We are truly sorry for the inconvenience. If you have made a payment and are located in one of those territories, please contact us at, we will issue a refund.

Best regards,
Team BCL Supply


Bitcoin - (09/09/2015)

Bitcoin payment method is now fixed. Remember, you have to send the exact amount of BTC requested.

If you have sent the wrong amount please contact us at

Our Bitcoin fees is decreased to 5%.


Team BCL Supply


Sales - (08/21/2015)

Dear Customers,
Our Bitcoin payment solution is bugged but you can still pay by Bitcoin! Place your order and you will receive the informations in the next hours.

To accelerate the process for your payment by Bitcoin email us or come chat with us!

Here are the new promotions:

Once again, thank you! BCL Supply is nothing without all of you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question, it'll be a pleasure to answer to your emails.

Team BCL Supply


Loyalty Points & Discontinued Products - (07/28/2015)

Dear Customers,
To thank you for your fidelity, we increased the value of your loyalty points of 65%. This is our way of saying that all of our customers are very important to us.

There are some products available on our website at the moment that we will not re-stock for multiple reasons. Here they are:

We are always open for new products suggestions. Please send them to with a brief summary of the potential researches with this/these product(s).

Sincerely yours,
Team BCL Supply


Added Verifications & Re-Ship Policy - (07/08/2015)

Dear Customers,
Like some of you have already experienced, we increased our verification process. From now on, we might ask you a brief summary of your researches when you make a purchase. There are a few factors that can lead us to ask you this question.

For the re-ships, please make sure to understand our re-ship policy. All orders of $150 and over, sent via regular mail, are NOT APPLICABLE for re-ship.
If an order under $150 is not received within the delay, you'll have to pay for a tracked shipping method ONLY to have your order reshipped. Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question or need more information.

Thank you,
Team BCL Supply


BitCoin Payment (Updated) - (06/11/2015)

Dear Customers,
Our BitCoin payment module has been fixed and everything is fine now. We are currently receiving the BTC of the orders made on the 8th and everything will be shipped the latest on Monday.

BitCoin payment is now available and safe to use.

We are sorry for the inconvenient and once again, thank you for your patience.
Team BCL Supply


Promotions and Reducted Prices - (06/03/2015)

Chers Clients,
There are a few ongoing promotions you must not miss:

  • 15% off on 4-AcO-DMT & Exam Nitrile Glove
  • 10% off on Allylescaline
  • 16% off on Professional Digital Pocket Scale & 4-HO-MiPT
  • 25% off on 2-MeO-Diphenidine & DALT
  • 70% off on 4-AcO-MET Degraded

We also adjusted the price of 3 products:

    • 5-MeO-MiPT
    • 5-MeO-DALT
    • 4-AcO-DET

Credit card payment should be available within a few weeks. Thank you for ordering from BCL Supply!

Team BCL Supply


New Products & New Payment Method - (05/12/2015)

Dear Customers,
We had a lot of requests for BitCoin payment and since credit card is still unavailable, we decided to accept them. BitCoin payment is now accepted! You simply have to select BitCoin Payment at the checkout and you will see the payment instructions.

There are also 2 new products available:

Thank you very much for being patient about credit card payment, it's really appreciated.
Team BCL Supply